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Product Review: Pineapple Jerky

So being that Father’s Day is a couple of weeks away, I thought I’d share with you a great idea for a gift for dads. Not saying all men like jerky, but the majority I know do. I, personally, am not a fan. But then again, I never had pineapple jerky…

I received this product from the folks over at Jerky.comand approached with hesitation for a couple of reasons. First, as previously mentioned, Foodiedani is NOT a fan of jerky. In fact, the smell of some of the jerky my husband eats makes me nauseous. And secondly, it is made with honey, which I have a slight allergic reaction to when I eat. But alas, I’ll try anything once and it smelled damn good. Tropical. Sweet. I took a wee bite to not offset my weird allergy and I was pleasantly surprised. It was just dried fruit. It was good. Me likey. I left the rest of the stuff to the husband, since he is the jerky fan and he said he could eat this stuff every day.

Take a look over at the site. They offer interesting versions of meat jerky as well and gift baskets.  A neat gift for father’s day.


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News Bits and Bites

Stephanie Coonan Benefit….
Sorry for lack of posting, I”m gearing up for my benefit this Saturday, please see my last post for details on the Stephanie Coonan benefit. If you’d like to attend, please post a comment and I’ll email you back. I can reserve a seat for you, you’ll just have to pay at the door on Saturday.

Thank you to my fellow blogger friends, Jersey Bites and SableMinded for posting info about Stephanie’s Benefit. Thanks for your support ladies!!!! Much appreciated!

Misc. News Brief…

I spent the weekend in the Hershey area, visiting Hershey Park, Hershey Gardens, and Indian Echo Caverns. But the main reason for me heading out to Lancaster County was for MagicMeets, a Disney fan convention. Now, all I’m going to say is you have some great chocolate pics and a great review of a tapas bar in Harrisburg to look forward to. However, I don’t know what my favorite kitty cat is talking about here…..

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News Bites

Here’s some News Bites for all you foodies out there…..

First up, I have two great sites for you. Even if you aren’t New Jerseyans, you may find some useful info on the Garden State here. They’ve been listed in my ever-expanding blog roll for awhile now.

(*I encourage you to check out some of my blogroll links, you might find something you like! There’s something for everyone listed from food sites to Disney sites to Jane Austen sites (yes, NERD alert) and more.)

First up, for all you NJ foodies (or those who like to eat in NJ!) we have Jersey Biters at This is a social network site where you can discuss food, dining, cooking, and food events in the Garden State. From the creator of the food blog, Jersey Bites.

Another social network site dedicated to NJ is Bayshore Friends, Friends is dedicated to connecting those of us in the Bayshore area of NJ (which encompasses the Amboys down to Sandy Hook and all the towns in between like Keyport, Union Beach, Keansburg, Middletown ) or those interested in the Bayshore area of NJ!! We discuss all sorts of things there, including yes, FOOD!!

Another finally for our last bit of news…My favorite NJ restaurant, Trinity in Keyport, will be having a Latin Night! It will be held next Saturday, May 3rd and will feature Latin dance music all night. Starting at approximately 9pm or later, complimentary dance lessons from Shall We Dance Studios in Middletown, NJ,  will be given every hour on the hour for about 20 minutes or so. You can learn to cha-cha, salsa, samba, tango, maybe more! You can turn it into a great night with great food and drink and some free dance lessons! No cover at the door!

Link to restaurant:

Links to my reviews of Trinity:  December and March

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