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R.I.P. White Diamond, Linden

A Hamburger Today has reported White Diamond, perhaps one of the best greasy burger joints I’ve ever been to has closed it’s doors. I just wrote about this place less than two months ago when Serious Eats reviewed it…..

It’s a sad day in burger heaven….



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DiCosmo’s Italian Ices, Elizabeth, NJ

My childhood haunt….I grew up down the street from this place. Nothing beat taking a walk down here on a hot, Summer day and getting some ice scooped out of that barrel. I cringe when I hear people talk about Rita’s being so good. You have not had real Italian Ice until you’ve had DiCosmo’s….And while you’re there, you may as well stop for some raviolis first up the street at Spirito’s.

Check it out on Serious Eats: New York….

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Greasy goodness…

The folks over at A Hamburger Today just posted a story about White Diamond in Linden, NJ.  It was on the front page of Serious Eats, one of my fav foodie sites. I grew up in Linden and spent many late nights chowing down on those little buns of heaven. Check out the story. If you live nearby and haven’t gone there, I suggest a road trip. I know I’ll be taking one. How could I forget all about this place?!

pic courtesy of Serious Eats and A Hamburger Today

pic courtesy of Serious Eats and A Hamburger Today

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CUPCAKES! My journey on the Munchmobile….

As I mentioned in my last post, I was one of the fortunate few chosen to be a guest muncher on The Newark Star-Ledger’s Munchmobile! Recap: The Munchmobile is a weekly feature story that has been going on for the last 12 years. Pete Genovese, a food writer for the paper, takes a group of people, aka Munchers, on the BIG DOG – a vehicle with a hot dog on top. They go in search of the “Best Of” whatever in NJ, based on readers submitted answers.

All of the Munchers for this year (feature runs from May to September) were given a list of foods we would be trying out this season and you had to submit your top four choices. Well…if anyone knows me, they KNOW that I am a cupcake snob. I make, what I consider, freakin awesome cupcakes from scratch. I consider cupcakes one of my five major food groups (along with peanut butter, chocolate, salmon, and avocados). I dream of owning my own cupcakery. I know cupcakes.

I arrived at The Star-Ledger at 7:30 am this past Saturday morning and got all giddy when I saw the Big Dog! There were four readers, Pete, his camera guy Tim (one of the funniest dudes I may have ever met), and a feature writer from the paper. We had to sign some release forms, which I didn’t read, but maybe said something along the lines of they weren’t responsible if I became diabetic after today’s trip. Then we listened to the Munchmobile rules, such as NO eating the cupcakes until pics have been taken! Hmmm…I have that rule myself when eating out (my poor family and friends…). Then we were off! Where to? Well, we had no idea until we pretty much pulled into each destination!

First stop, C’mere Cupcake in Hackettstown. So is 9am too early for a cupcake? Oh HELL no. Cute little bakeshop in a strip mall. Has a great turquoise velour couch with a zebra striped pillow. I ordered the Red Velvet and Peanut Butter. The goal was to pace myself, just taste slivers and pass them around. So I had a system I was going to instill. Take pic, cut in half, check out the innards, take pic of the innards, taste cake, taste icing, taste icing/cake together. JUDGE. OK, first up, the peanut butter one. Cake (chocolate flavor) was airy and spongy, but a little dry. Icing definitely tasted like peanut butter but it was too peanut buttery for me. How could that be considering it’s one of my food groups? I want buttercream icing on my cupcake damnit! It was dense, it was more like just peanut butter on top of the cupcake, but hell it tasted good. The Red Velvet didn’t fare as well. As soon as I cut into it, I noticed the difference from the chocolate cake. It was too dense, not light and airy, and the chocolate flavor was too subtle for me, it was nice and red though. The icing was yummy too. C’mere Cupcake had a perfect icing to cake ratio as well. Nice atmosphere too. I tasted a few others, no standouts, but the rest of the Munchers really enjoyed the mint cupcake (dani doesn’t do mint cupcakes. or coconut. or lemon.).

Next stop – Clinton! River’s Edge Bakery. Ummm…have you ever been here?! This town is too freakin cute! And lots of antique stores. Oh you better believe I’m going back here. This place was super cute. They had a separate upstairs seating area overlooking the river. First up, Red Velvet. Again, red, but chocolate flavor? Hello? Where are you? Icing – yum. Also tried the Cookies and Cream. Now. I make awesome C&C cupcakes. I do a chocolate cake, this was vanilla. It was overall ok, but I needed more C&C flavor. Also tried the Espresso one (another one I make pretty damn delicious). This was just okay for me. The real winner here was the smaller chocolate ganache cupcake. Ding! This was fabulous. I wasn’t a fan of the icing design here. It was swirly as you can see from pics. It didn’t cover the entire cupcake. Slather that stuff on baby!

Now we start heading South. I see signs for Trenton. My heart starts to pitter patter. Could we possibly be going to my favorite cupcake place in NJ? The place I frequented weekly when I worked five minutes away? Oh yes. As we got closer, Pete says “Dani, I think you know where we are going!” SCORE! That’s right. We hit up Sugar & Sunshine Bakery in Plainsboro. Heaven on Earth. Pete was also familiar and a fan of this place. I tell the rest of the Munchers – trust me on this one. Here’s where my tummy ache came. At the other two places I was able to pace myself. Not here. I was borderline out of control. Stop! I’m turning into a cupcake. First of all, they win for presentation. They ice their cupcakes so beautifully and with such care. And then create this little indentation swirl on top and sprinkle in either crumbs or colored sugar. This place also had the best icing to cake ratio. Standouts here were everything. My favorite of the day here – strawberry. Strawberry cake with strawberry icing. FRESH strawberries in here. As one of the other munchers said – it tasted like Summer. Red Velvet here was the best of all the stops – despite it not really having the red color. ALL the cupcakes were light, airy, spongy, moist, and flavorful. This place is worth the drive for me. I heart you Sunshine and Sugar. And it seemed overall, the whole crew thought this place had set the bar. High. Real high.

Last stop of the day for half of us was Brownie Points in Summit. Super cute, but no seating, but there is a park across the street. We had your basic choc and vanilla ones here but another Red Velvet, a Banana Caramel, a Mint, and some other pastries in there for variety. Red Velvet fell into the mediocre category as the first two places. Everyone liked the mint one better in Hackettstown. The Banana Caramel had some pretty yummy icing on it and everyone enjoyed it. The standout here wasn’t cupcakes but the Duffin! A donut in the shape of a muffin. Damn that was fine.

After half of us departed, the remained three hit up two more places. You can read the teaser at the link in the first paragraph. The full article will be in the paper and online on May 29.  It was such an awesome experience. I thought I could never eat cupcakes again after that, but I’d love one right about now. Furthermore, this convinced me that I could totally open up my own rockin cupcake place. Thanks to Pete and his Munchmobile for this unique experience!

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It’s Alive….

Yeah, I’m still here. Barely keeping afloat with the hustle and bustle of life.  I can’t believe it’s been a few months since I posted. I do miss my little blog but life sometimes gets in the way.  I was able to post a lot more at my last job because I had an hour for lunch but at my current job I only get 45 minutes and most of it is spent working through that. I also have been writing and editing for my sorority’s national magazine and am helping launch an e-newsletter. But never wanting to give up my little blog, I’ve been taking pics of my food still in hopes of one day posting them.

So soon, cross your fingers, I will have some new posts up. But I will damnit post after this Saturday. A VERY special Saturday. You see my long-lost friends, I’m going on the Munchmobile. THE Munchmobile. The Munchmobile is a weekly column in NJ’s Newark Star-Ledger newspaper. For the last twelve years, Pete Genovese has been taking average NJ folks out every week during the summer season all over NJ in search of the best of (fill in the blank). I was able to score a coveted seat on this Saturday’s trip in seach of cupcakes, which of course are one of my five basic food groups. So I’ll be traveling all over the state of NJ this weekend searching for the best cupcakes in a van with a hot dog on top. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

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And I’m back…

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for understanding the lack of posts and most especially for all of the kinds words. So an update. My brother is now in a rehab hospital. Slowly healing. Don’t want to go into much further details than that though.

Back to the food…As soon as I upload some pics off my camera, I have some recipe and restaurant reviews I had been meaning to post. But for now….

News Bits and Bites!

First the sad news…my favorite sushi place, Oishi Sushi has shut its doors. I’ve posted multiple times on here about how wonderful they were. I know they weren’t always busy but I guess I didn’t realize how unbusy they were. I had my last meal there on New Year’s Eve. We ordered some takeout and not only was every table taken but there was a line to get a table. That weekend they closed. No warning. I will truly miss them. And if Chef Mark plans on opening a new place or going somewhere he needs to tell me because I am going to miss his Mark Roll!!

I’ve tried another sushi place since then. Osho in Hazlet. It was pretty bad. I won’t be returning. Very fatty salmon sashimi. Tuna tartare that had an odd taste. Just not even comparable to Oishi. I’ve gotten some feedback on Aligado in Hazlet and Sono in Middletown as being very good. I’ve had Sono a few times and it is very good, but a bit far. I am trying Aki Sushi in Port Monmouth this weekend for their brunch buffet. Heard that was also very good.

I also had a pretty decent cheeseburger last night at Marina Diner in Belford. The ONLY diner near me open 24 hours.

Had another fabulous meal at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro a few weeks ago.  Thoroughly enjoyed his flatbread and his short ribs. Man. They just melted in your mouth. Also, had the Tomahawk Steak for Two at Trinity recently (not by myself!!). This very well might be the BEST steak I’ve ever had. PERIOD. It reminds me of a Fred Flinstone steak.  Both Drew’s and Trinity’s (which I’ve reviewed both here before) are in Keyport. Why aren’t you eating at my two favorite places?!?!

I have a kick-ass recipe for spaghetti carbonara to post soon as well. Can you believe I had never eaten that stuff until last year? Anything with pancetta in it pretty much wins me over.

That’s all for now folks!

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So my hiatus will be longer than I anticipated despite me having all sorts of recipes to post.

Unfortunately, I am dealing with an terrible situation right now. My youngest step-brother was in a bad car accident last week while on duty (he’s a sheriff’s officer) and I am just dealing with that right now. The last thought of my mind is blogging, I don’t even know if I’ll put a Christmas tree up this year that’s how off I am.

So I ask for your prayers for my brother and your patience as I will return, hopefully soon with some recipes.


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