It’s Alive….

Yeah, I’m still here. Barely keeping afloat with the hustle and bustle of life.  I can’t believe it’s been a few months since I posted. I do miss my little blog but life sometimes gets in the way.  I was able to post a lot more at my last job because I had an hour for lunch but at my current job I only get 45 minutes and most of it is spent working through that. I also have been writing and editing for my sorority’s national magazine and am helping launch an e-newsletter. But never wanting to give up my little blog, I’ve been taking pics of my food still in hopes of one day posting them.

So soon, cross your fingers, I will have some new posts up. But I will damnit post after this Saturday. A VERY special Saturday. You see my long-lost friends, I’m going on the Munchmobile. THE Munchmobile. The Munchmobile is a weekly column in NJ’s Newark Star-Ledger newspaper. For the last twelve years, Pete Genovese has been taking average NJ folks out every week during the summer season all over NJ in search of the best of (fill in the blank). I was able to score a coveted seat on this Saturday’s trip in seach of cupcakes, which of course are one of my five basic food groups. So I’ll be traveling all over the state of NJ this weekend searching for the best cupcakes in a van with a hot dog on top. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.



  1. John said

    Nice to hear from you again. Have fun on the Munchmobile – so jealous! 🙂

  2. SuperChef said

    glad to see you back and that munchmobile sounds soo much like fun..cupcakes, even more fun!!

  3. foodiedani said

    thanks john! i was just reading your review on chowhound about shut up and eat! lol! i’ll def. have fun. and some heartburn i’m sure.

    thanks superchef! stay tuned for pics and info on the cupcakes!


  4. Leticia said

    Ha, see if you can bring them to plainsboro to the place by blackrock. Although, I don’t think they’re the best cupcakes per se…but the frosting is good. Remember don’t get the red velvet if you do go, because they wouldn’t know red velvet in that place if it bit them on the you know what.

  5. Lauren said


  6. foodiedani said

    Leticia – I did suggest that place to them, but I won’t know until Saturday when I get on where we are going. And yea, those red velvet left little to be desired, but the other ones were damn good.

    Lauren – I’m sorry but I believe you had the best cupcakes ever for your birthday….


  7. sambycat said

    Cupcakes?! Yummers! Don’t let Me down! Cupcakes are my crack and I am highly discerning!

  8. foodiedani said

    kittycat – i thought fudge was? so next time i send you cupcakes not fudge?


  9. Melissa said

    Hi Dani!! Good to see a post from you. You’re missed. 🙂 I understand about life getting in the way though. Hope you (and the rest of your family, for sure) are well. Have fun tomorrow!

  10. foodiedani said

    hi melissa!
    thank you! thanks for sticking around with me still! best wishes to you as well!

  11. Yay! Glad to see that you are back!

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