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Aki Sushi, Port Monmouth

I’ve been sad lately that my favorite sushi place, Oishi Sushi, closed down a few weeks ago. Since then I tried Osho in Hazlet, which was just not up to par. But then I saw another place, Aki Sushi, in Port Monmouth, that caught my eye. I had run in one day to grab a menu and gave it a quick glance and thought it looked nice inside.

As I took a look at the menu, the first thing that got me excited was that they had brown rice as an option. Now I know you die-hard sushi fans will turn up your nose, but being health-conscious, white carbs are not in my diet. And it’s rare to find a place (like Oishi) that offers brown rice.

What I also noticed on their take-out menu was that they have a Sunday Brunch for $15.95, all-you-can-eat. Well….I figured I try it out since that seemed like a good deal. And I was pleasantly surprised. There is no walk-up buffet with sushi rolls sitting out there for hours. In fact, it was the opposite, fresh rolls made upon your request.

There were about five appetizers, four soups and salads and about twenty rolls to choose from. And of course, two desserts.

You can keep ordering as much as you want and it’s made to order. We started with the fried calamari served with a soy teriyaki sauce, which was pretty good. Also, some beef gyoza and shrimp shumai. All good. Also, had the miso soup, which was pleasantly not as salty as most joints serve.

As for rolls, I had a tuna roll, orange dragon (salmon tempura and avocado inside, fresh salmon outside), and a sweet potato tempura roll. All very good. The husband had four rolls, can’t remember which kind, but he ate it all up. Additionally, for .25 cents per roll, I had them make my rolls with brown rice.

To finish it up, we order the cheesecake tempura, sinfully good. The other option was banana tempura.

All in all, it was a good experience. The ambiance was neat, clean, and inviting. The staff was friendly, quick, and accommodating. It was an extremely good value and I would definitely go back. Check out my friend Mel’s blog, SableMinded on my blogroll. She just did a review of Aki also.

How did it compare to Oishi? Oishi still was the better place, but since they are gone….sigh….I am ready to head back to Aki Sushi.

Aki Sushi, Route 36, Port Monmouth


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And I’m back…

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for understanding the lack of posts and most especially for all of the kinds words. So an update. My brother is now in a rehab hospital. Slowly healing. Don’t want to go into much further details than that though.

Back to the food…As soon as I upload some pics off my camera, I have some recipe and restaurant reviews I had been meaning to post. But for now….

News Bits and Bites!

First the sad news…my favorite sushi place, Oishi Sushi has shut its doors. I’ve posted multiple times on here about how wonderful they were. I know they weren’t always busy but I guess I didn’t realize how unbusy they were. I had my last meal there on New Year’s Eve. We ordered some takeout and not only was every table taken but there was a line to get a table. That weekend they closed. No warning. I will truly miss them. And if Chef Mark plans on opening a new place or going somewhere he needs to tell me because I am going to miss his Mark Roll!!

I’ve tried another sushi place since then. Osho in Hazlet. It was pretty bad. I won’t be returning. Very fatty salmon sashimi. Tuna tartare that had an odd taste. Just not even comparable to Oishi. I’ve gotten some feedback on Aligado in Hazlet and Sono in Middletown as being very good. I’ve had Sono a few times and it is very good, but a bit far. I am trying Aki Sushi in Port Monmouth this weekend for their brunch buffet. Heard that was also very good.

I also had a pretty decent cheeseburger last night at Marina Diner in Belford. The ONLY diner near me open 24 hours.

Had another fabulous meal at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro a few weeks ago.  Thoroughly enjoyed his flatbread and his short ribs. Man. They just melted in your mouth. Also, had the Tomahawk Steak for Two at Trinity recently (not by myself!!). This very well might be the BEST steak I’ve ever had. PERIOD. It reminds me of a Fred Flinstone steak.  Both Drew’s and Trinity’s (which I’ve reviewed both here before) are in Keyport. Why aren’t you eating at my two favorite places?!?!

I have a kick-ass recipe for spaghetti carbonara to post soon as well. Can you believe I had never eaten that stuff until last year? Anything with pancetta in it pretty much wins me over.

That’s all for now folks!

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