Rice Krispie Costume

As Halloween approaches us in a few days, I couldn’t help but share this picture. I don’t have a pet but when I see stuff like this I wish I did! How cute is this cat with it’s Rice Krispie costume over at Serious Eats? If you click the link, there’s another link to more pet pics, including one of a dog dressed as an Ewok that is just ADORABLE.



  1. Melissa said

    I have to admit I am not a fan of pets in costumes. BUT. I am a huge fan of

    a) Cute Overload, even if they do post dressed up animals hehe; and

    b) Winston!! Winston is the shizz. My husband adores him.


  2. John said

    Yeah, it’s cute and all – but that cat looks pissed. – John

  3. Melissa said

    So can that be my costume? Or should I go as Sarah Palin? 😉

  4. foodiedani said

    Melissa –
    winston is so cute! ohmygod! love cute overload, see that pic of the baby seal and it’s mom!

    John – oh hell yeah, the cat is plotting revenge…

    Melissa – Sarah Palin!? Oh that I GOT to see….


  5. Melissa said

    Winston always looks pissed. 😛

    And yes, I saved that one from today to show my husband. He’s a secret male lover of all things cute. 😉

  6. Julie said

    That cat has killin’ on his mind. Those owners had better sleep with one eye open.

  7. Nick said

    Haha, that seems kinda mean…although I guess the cat will always have food if it gets hungry.

  8. foodiedani said

    Melissa – I so want Winston.

    Julie – You have got to go to Winston’s site, you can find it on cute overload. he always looks pissed!!

    Nick – Mean? probably, lol.. but damn funny!


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