What I Believe…

My friend Jennifer over at Broke Hoedown tagged me with this new meme, What I Believe. Since this is a foodie blog, I’ll make it food-related. These are the five food things I believe in….

1. I believe in trying mostly everything once within reason. By using this theory, I’ve opened my palate and have found I love, for example, foie gras, buffalo, and African cuisine. Now I won’t be trying any types of food Fear-Factor-esque style (like bugs and testicles) but I am open to trying most things.

2. I believe that using gravy, I mean tomato sauce, out of a jar is sacrilegious, at least in my house. That’s fine if you do it, not everyone knows how to make this. But when a certain relative who shall remain nameless because I know she’ll yell at me, tried to pass that off one year around the holidays, oh no I wouldn’t have it. The next year I made it for her since her lack of time was the issue. The only time you’ll hear me say Prego is when I’m saying you’re welcome.

3. I believe in giving my businesses to local restaurants. I refuse to eat at chains, the food is sub-par and I guarantee I can find a local restaurant that will cost me the same. This is a hard theory to push on people. I live in Monmonth Co., NJ right off of Routes 35 and 36 – “Land of the Chain Restaurants.” It’s tough to swallow seeing these places packed all the time while my favorite local ones struggle. I do however make exceptions for McDonald’s and Cracker Barrel about 2 to 3 times a year 🙂

4. I believe in cheating on my diet once a week. That’s right, I eat what I want without an ounce of guilt on Saturdays. I bust my bum eating amazingly healthy and working out Sunday through Friday so I indulge on Saturdays. Not too the point of being a nauseating mess (tried that once and was sick for 7 hours), but I will eat some dessert or some carbs. Even my gastro doctor agreed it was ok to indulge on occasion!

5. And finally, I believe good food comes in all types. I may be a foodie but I’m not a food snob. I can tell you my favorite place to get a Pan Au Chocolate (The Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands) or Foie Gras appetizer (Trinity, Keyport) but you better believe I can tell you where my favorite hot dog places are (Heidelburg in Keansburg and Jerry’s in Elizabeth) and love a hot pretzel off the streetcarts in NYC.

I tag the following bloggers to tell us what THEY believe in: SableMindedThe Maverick ChefAlosha’s Kitchen, and The Home Cook.



  1. deb smith said

    Great post Dani. I believe, as you believe, except for one thing. You should not be limiting your carbs to only one day a week. The whole “no carb” thing is not the way to go. I know, I used to be a believer too.

    Just choose your carbs wisely, oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes. Your body needs carbs for energy. I eat them with my protein and veggies/fruit at every meal now. Oatmeal or sprouted whole wheat bread with breakfast, brown rice or sweet potatoes with lunch, midday snack and dinner. I lost 7 lbs. this past month doing this and I’m down to 20.9% body fat. I have great energy and no depression (which can happen on a no carb diet.)


  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Deb!

    Thanks! Oh I should have phrased that differently. I eat whole grain carbs all week. I allow myself white ones on Saturday (white bread and rolls, white pasta, etc.). Congrats on weight loss! Great pic!


  3. Melissa said

    Thanks for the tag Dani. I liked reading about your stuff. The Prego remark was amusing, and I agree that using jarred sauce is out of the question. At least it is for me at this point. I’m also anti-chain restaurant, totally. That’s good to hear other people say that.

  4. foodiedani said

    Your very welcome Melissa! Yay, another anti-chainer!!! love it.

  5. themaverickchef said

    so sorry taken so long here……..

    what do i believe? fairly simple really.

    If you start with garbage you finish with garbage. always buy the best ingredients you can, local, organic, natural, hierloom, etc….

    while i have been accused by several of using too much butter and/or bacon, am i? i do not believe so. its not as if you sit down at my restaurant to a plate of pork belly and butter. I enjoy these ingredients for what they are and do not expect to eat them 24/7/365. ENJOY THE BUTTER! ENJOY THE PORK! just don’t eat it for every meal of every day, moderation people.

    order what is on the menu, not something you come up with yourself.

    i read this on another site one day. “Can a vegetarian be a true foodie?”
    hmmmmm i suppose. honestly, to me, a true foodie is one who appreciates foodstuffs for what they are and what went into making them. appreciating the craft and hard work. but i still think you should try everything you can!

  6. foodiedani said

    silly chef,

    you are supposed to leave this on your blog. but i’ll forgive you as long as you make me some deliciousness next time i’m there loaded with butter and bacon.

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