This year I’ve become completely addicted to the Farmer’s Markets near me. There is one in Keyport every Thursday and if I miss that one, there’s another one on Friday in Atlantic Highlands. I seriously do not know how I will survive past October when both of the Farmer’s Markets end. My favorite veggie/fruit vendor has been Hauser Farms from Old Bridge. They have a large variety of selections at extremely reasonable prices. Their produce is sooo good my two favorite restaurants in the area (Trinity and Drew’s) are regular customers (yeah, so much so, that sometimes they buy up EVERYTHING before I get there!!!).

A few weeks back I was excited to see the multi-colored peppers in baskets at the Farmer’s Market. They were so picturesque I bought up a few of each – red, yellow, orange. When life hands you peppers, you make peperonata. Peperonata is basically stewed peppers, slowly cooked with tomatoes, garlic, onions, basil, etc.  Peperonata takes great alone or served over pasta (or whole wheat rigatoni in my case). It’s a great alternative as a pasta topping to your basic tomato sauce.

This recipe is from one of my very first cookbooks, The Italian Cooking Encyclopedia. My aunt gave it to me years ago a a gift and it’s a great resource for Italian cooking.What I always enjoy is how the recipes are labeled. The are in English and off to the side is the Italian word for that particular recipe. Even now when I look up a recipe I find it amusing that I am more familiar with the Italian phrase for the recipe versus the English version (like peperonata labeled stewed peppers).

Overall rating – 5 stars

Peperonata (aka Stewed Peppers)

4-5 very ripe peppers, preferably red or yellow

4 T olive oil

2 medium onions, thinly sliced

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

12 oz plum tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped

salt and fresh pepper

a few fresh basil leaves

1. Wash peppers and cut into quarters, removing stems and seeds. Slice into thin strips.

2. In a large heavy saucepan, heat olive and saute onions until soft, add peppers and cook about 8 minutes until soft.

3. Stir in garlic and tomatoes, cover and cook 25 minutes over moderate heat. Season and tear basil leaves into pan. Serve  hot or cold.



  1. chef mike said

    come on dani……. drew and i don’t buy EVERYTHING. so i bought almost all the butternut squash this week, sorry folks!

  2. Lauren said

    That looks heavenly!! I love peppers so I’ll definitely have to try it!!!

  3. foodiedani said

    Chef Mike – You and Drew buy 90% of what’s brought, don’t lie. Last week, you did in fact by ALL of the butternut squash. Not “almost all”….Well, at least we know it’s being turned into delicous soup…

    Lauren – Thank you! Please post back if you make!!


  4. Emily said

    hmmmm….looks delicious. I’m sure I will try this one along with crusty buttered italian bread!

  5. foodiedani said

    Hi Emily (I mean aunt who gave me this cookbook, lol!),

    It was delicious!!


  6. Oh Dani,

    I have so many peppers in my garden, mostly green. The birds kept attacking the red ones. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Yum.


  7. Melissa said

    Oh yeah. I took one look at the picture and thought “I don’t know all what’s in that pot, but I want a bite!” Total success on this one.

  8. foodiedani said

    Deb – I’m sure it would taste just as good with green peppers, maybe throw in some balsalmic vinegar. Who would have thought birds liked only red peppers? lol…

    Melissa – haha! Thanks so much!


  9. that looks really really really tasty!!! i agree that farmers markets are the best . 🙂

  10. Julie said

    That looks SO yummy. I just love peppers!

  11. foodiedani said

    Hey BC&B,

    Thanks! Last week was last week of Farmer’s Market. So sad…


    Thanks for visiting! Nice blog!


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