I have a lot going on in my life and it’s been very stressful, hence the blog neglect. I do promise to post some pics and video from the show I saw today. It was Anthony Bourdain in Atlantic City cooking and doing a Q&A. Very cool.

But I do want to address those who visit the blog and leave a negative, hateful, nasty, and/or rude comment. Guess what? I’m not posting it. So please stop wasting my time and yours. (There have been an influx lately of these comments.)



  1. lisa said

    mean people suck. who are these dumb ass people because i will cut them – just say the word!!!!!!!!

    oh, btw, i love you and you rock!!!!! 🙂

  2. foodiedani said

    you crack me up kittycat.

    love u!!! and u rock too!!!!


  3. Sara said

    Seriously though, people need to get a life…….no need for it!
    And I agree, you rock! 🙂

  4. foodiedani said

    aww thanks miss sara!

    i feel the love!!


  5. Melissa said

    An influx of bad comments? Hm. That blows. I got a negative one this morning from a humorless _____ on one of my old posts. I didn’t delete it, but I;m not going all the way back a year and responding to it either. Still, it sucks.

  6. Melissa said

    Now why on earth I have my personal blog rather than food blog linked here I have no idea…

  7. foodiedani said

    Melissa – Did you post??

    Folks please visit Melissa’s fabulous food blog over at Alosha’s Kitchen!!!!


  8. Melissa said

    Oh no no hahaha – I just meant in the little url box when I commented, it had my personal blog instead of my food blog and I didn’t notice until I hit “Submit Comment” on that first comment. No biggie. I’ve accidentally done that on a few sites before.

  9. foodiedani said

    It’s all good Mel! We want people to visit your site!


  10. some people have nothing better to do than to leave negative comments. when i get them, i reply to them and in the words of one of my favortie bloggers, “turn that shit around” on them. keep writing/posting/eating as it is entertaining!

  11. foodiedani said

    Hey BCB,

    I do post some of the baddies and get a kick out of responding, but some are so nasty or ridiculous I can’t be bothering.


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