Farewell Summer…

It’s a sad, sad week…This week marks the end of Summer as we welcome Autumn. I love the Fall but living 15 minutes from the beach, I’m a beach bum at heart. I’m at my second week at my new job but the week before I started I took the entire week off from my last job and spent more or less the entire week at the beach.

I started off with a trip to Atlantic City and Cape May with my friend Mel. We started the day venturing down to Cape May where we immediately hit up my favorite spot, The Mad Batter, for breakfast. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know every time I go there, I can’t stay away from the Croustade. But maybe it was a sign…they were out of it. I went Chesapeake Bay Benedict – poached eggs on toasted English muffin with super lump crabmeat & caper Hollandaise, home fries $12.00, which was delicious, not as delicious though as my Croustade. Mel went with the Country Breakfast which she enjoyed and a Peach Tea Cooler (booze). Mad Batter also has THE best coffee in Cape May, though the locals say the Wawa does. Never tried it though. I also had a Chambord Mimosa. Perfect way to start a beautiful day! After spending a lovely day at the beach, we hit up Washington Street Mall for some shopping and of course some fudge from Cape May Fudge Kitchen and we were off to Atlantic City where a heavenly room at Caesar’s awaited us…

Once in AC, we decided later that night to hit up The Tropicana Casino to head over to Cuba Libre for dinner. Now as a ballroom dance instructor/student I wanted to check this place out since on the weekend they have Latin dancing. But alas, on a Monday night, ain’t much going on. Very cool place to go dance, but eat? NEVER again. It started out alright. Mel had a fabulous Manjo Mojito and I had a refreshing Watermelon Mojito followed by some darn tasty Pappas Rellenos and some nice bread with a Mango Butter. Then the entrees came. Oh how terrible. One of the worst meals we both every had. Her Arroz Con Pollo was rubbery and my Vaca Frita (short rib steak) was fatty and burned. ugh….

After a long night of drinking and gaming we needed to fuel up. We headed over to Cafe Roma in Caesar’s for a breakfast overlooking the ocean. Mel ate from the buffet while I went with the ham and egg (hold the cheese) croissant sandwich with home fries. This was pretty tasty overall and since I had some comp dollars most of it was paid for!!

After spending a few more hours in the casino and boardwalk we packed it up and headed home. Not before stopping off at the legendary White House Subs. We got ours to go and Mel loved her’s while I thought it was good, it wasn’t the best I’ve had. It was definitely tasty and fresh but I like my lettuce shredded and I WANT to taste the olive oil, vinegar and spices on my sub. But definitely worth a trip any time.

The rest of the week I beached it. As you can see, one of my beach days I was the ONLY person on the beach. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. I was also able to really take in the beach, hence the floral picture.

After the beach one day, I hit up Red Bank for some window shopping and found a little treasure of a restaurant. I was starving but wanted something quick, healthy, and affordable. I found it at Sogo Sushi. This place is so small, it’s easy to miss. It is really a take-out place as it only has two small tables and enough room to seat four. And they only serve brown rice, which works for me as I favor brown over white. I ordered here a spider roll and a salmon roll. I was pleasantly surprised at the good taste and great value.

Overall, it was a relaxing week before getting back to the grind. With the new job I somewhat hesitantly welcome Fall. Good-bye summer, good-bye beach, I’m miss you, as will my bike…



  1. Jana said

    I work in Red Bank and get lunch from Sogo all the time! The lunch special can’t be beat! I usually pick up but the few times we’ve had it delivered they’ve been pretty prompt, which is a big bonus.

    That breakfast at the Mad Batter looks great! And the drinks sound really good too!

  2. foodiedani said

    Hi Jana!

    Oh I didn’t even check out Sogo’s lunch special! Will do!

    Mad Batter is my favorite restaurant anywhere! If you ever get a chance head down there for breakfast, and of course a fancy mimosa!


  3. You ate at some of my absolute favorite spots. I love White House so much that I put a picture of the lunch rush in my book. Glad you had fun!

  4. Superchef said

    it is kinda sad that the summer is over….looks like u had a good break in between jobs..

  5. sambycat said

    stp making me hungry

  6. foodiedani said

    Jen – well, you are the South Jersey expert 🙂 I need to get that book!!!

    Superchef – Oh, I’m definitely sad….Definitely had a good time. I can sooo see myself not working, haha.

    Sambycat – I think you should come visit and we’ll do our own AC trip and then I’ll stop making you hungry.


  7. nice

  8. Walter said

    nice post Dani….i gotta try out that Mad batter, it looks great!

  9. foodiedani said

    thanks Walt! you should!!


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