National Attack FoodieDani Day!

I didn’t realize it but instead of the loving, educated, nice comments I usually get, two came through today that I had to make sure my dear readers saw, thus it must be National Attack FoodieDani Day. The one for Bobby Flay wasn’t sooo bad, but I had to defend myself. Now the Jose Tejas one was laughable and yes, I got a bit snarky admittedly. But hey, I’m a Cancer and we’re some calm folks but when you come at us we pinch pinch…

Here’s the links….for your reading enjoyment….

Bobby Flay

Jose Teja



  1. lisa said

    damn! i missed my chance!!!! 😉

  2. Harl Delos said

    “Your critics are the ones wbo still love you. If you’re doing something wrong and no one is bothering to tell you any more, that’s a bad sign”. – Randy Pausch

    Do you think being loved a bad thing?

    (Incidently, raw beef belongs under the saddle of a Tartar. Meat is at its most flavorful when it benefits from the Maillard Reaction. I suggest you read Ted Allen’s piece here:
    and then try out Mario Batali’s recipe. Mario needlessly complicates the recipe, of course. The simpler version: take a big hunk of meat, put it in a roaster, give it a half-hour at 375, turn it down to 250 and wait another 5-6 hours, then add salt and pepper to taste.

    I’m making it today with a packer brisket instead of pork. When I do this, all my neighbors figure out a reason to come knocking on my door – they can’t resist the smell….

  3. John said

    Got a little feisty there, didn’t you?

    I wonder if National Attack FoodieDani Day is like Shark Week on cable. 😉

  4. foodiedani said

    Go ahead Lisa…make my day…meow…haha

    John – I know, one of my good friends already told me I was a little over the top 🙂


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