Batista’s Puerto Rican Eatery

So a few weeks ago I reviewed a new Puerto Rican eatery in Matawan, Salsa Latina, that left me craving some Latino food that was actually good. As promised in that post, I was going to try another new Puerto Rican eatery in Keansburg, Batista’s, that was getting some positive feedback over on Chowhound.

I headed over there for some take-out not too long ago. It’s a tiny, little place with a handful of tables and a counter to order from. No wait service here. It’s a very casual eatery. I ordered to go, one papa rellenos, one order of fried plantains, one Cuban sandwich and one dinner entree, Rotisserie Chicken. My only complaint was the wait time. I waited a good 25 minutes for the food, but that’s not really all that bad, I was just really hungry!

Starting with the papa relleno. I ordered just one and mostly did this to compare to Salsa Latinas. This was delicious! Not greasy, good-sized portion and an equal balance of potato to meat. Salsa Latina’s had about a teaspon, if that, of meat inside (cold meat to be more specific). The flavors of the potatoes and meat were delicious and left me wishing I had order more.

Next up were the fried plantains. This is what I was talking about. These were good plantains -not too thick (like Salsa Latinas), great flavor, nicely fried, not overly greasy.

Moving along to the chicken…This was served with a choice of beans and rice – I went with yellow rice and pigeon peas. First of all, the serving size was enormous. I barely made it through half of the food. The chicken was good, not great. Some parts were really moist and juicy, some were a little dry. The rice and beans were definitely better than Salsa Latina with just the right amount of seasonings and not dry at all.

The Cuban sandwich was pretty good, not the best I’ve ever tasted but worth ordering again. My only gripe was with the cheese – American. I’ve never had a Cuban with anything but Swiss cheese. It just didn’t taste right to me. If I ordered again, I’d skip the cheese. The Cuban sandwich was enough to feed a whole family!

The total bill was just under 20 bucks. Great deal if you ask me. Did I love it? No, but I really enjoyed it. I would definitely hit this place up again. It’s not the best I’ve had but it’s the best in the area right now and with their prices, menu selection, and pretty good food, I’m heading back (and NOT to Salsa Latina).



  1. sambycat said

    i assume you will be bringing some delicious snacks – including that roasted garlic meat thingy below- to magic meets! your blog makes me way too hungry!!!!! 🙂

  2. foodiedani said


    I plan on eating nothing but chocolate this weekend as my first stop is Hershey on Friday. I will be more than happy to share my chocolate with you though!!!


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