Herbed Turkey Burgers

Using ground turkey can be a challenge as it can very easily dry out during the cooking process and due to the low fat content (I use almost fat-free) it really needs help in the seasoning department. Because I’ve been blessed with my herbal garden (i.e. several herbs in pots on my deck), I have an abundance of various herbs I need to start using. I came up, with what I think, is a perfect turkey burger recipe – moist, flavorful, and tasty.

What strikes me as odd when I make turkey burgers as opposed to ground beef burgers is how different I treat them. With ground beef, I simply use sea salt and freshly ground pepper. That’s it. That’s all I believe a burger needs. But with the turkey burgers, they need a little (or maybe a lot of) help.¬†Because the use of herbs in my burgers gave them some nice green coloring, I decided to carry that over into my side dish of whole wheat couscous and peas that I threw some butter, olive oil and Parmesan cheese in.

A few things I did different…I threw some horseradish cream in there for a little kick and I used a packet of instant oatmeal to bind the burgers (instead of breadcrumbs). The oatmeal is not even noticable in taste or view.

Overall ratings – Turkey burgers – 5 stars

Herbed Turkey Burgers

1 pound ground turkey breast

1 T. Dijon mustard

1 T. light mayo

1/2 T. horseradish cream

1 T. each of minced fresh parsley, rosemary, basil

1 egg

1 packet of instant oatmeal

Combine all in large bowl and gently mix. Using a non-stick skillet or grill, cook burgers about 7-8 minutes each side. Turkey burgers tend to take longer to cook than beef, so be sure they are done inside.



  1. joejhorn said

    Hello, I just posted a recipe for Turkey Burgers as well. I did it on the BBQ thought. Come check them out when you have a chance and let me know what you think.


  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Joe!

    Thanks for visiting! Great site you have over there. The pics make me hungry!


  3. Jennie said

    Thanks for this recipe! I just made my first turkey burgers and I loved them. I put minced garlic, ground ginger, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, breadcrumbs, and green onions in them. What I like is I don’t even need cheese and they taste great. I’m going to try your recipe next!

  4. joejhorn said

    Thanks. I will come back often. I have it bookmarked!


  5. foodiedani said

    Hi Jennie!

    Your welcome! I think I made a version like your before, very Asian-inspired flavors. I agree, no cheese!! Let us know if you make this recipe!


    Got ya on my blogroll!


  6. melissa said

    Those look wonderful Dani. Steve told me a long time ago that he would absolutely eat turkey burgers, which surprised me, so I need to make them. And anything you give 5 stars to… well damn, I’m adding it to my list for SURE. Very nice.

  7. foodiedani said

    Thanks Melissa! Yeah, you know those 5 stars don’t come out often. I surprised myself with this one. Let me know how they turn out! Ground turkey is a tricky one!


  8. Bill said

    This sounds great. My wife is always wanting me to use grown turkey and I have to admit I balk at it. I have an herb garden resource as well. I have an abundance of sage and I think that a combo of sage and thyme would make the burger taste like a thanksgiving dinner. yum!

  9. foodiedani said

    Hey Bill,

    Sage and thyme! I have them both in my garden. Next time I’m trying that. Thanks for suggestion!


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