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Pack Your Knives and Go (Lisa!)….

So if you read this blog there’s a good chance you’re a fan of my favorite show, Top Chef. Justice was served this week as Stephanie was crowned the first female Top Chef. Congrats to Stephanie who I was rooting for as my #2 until Dale (yeah, that’s right, it’s because he’s cute, just like my love for Sam Talbot from Season 2 – see my story on how I met him…) got the boot and she slipped into my favorite spot. I did feel bad for Richard who was extremely talented and has a cute fauxhawk, but I was rooting for a chic to win this time. And not Lisa!! Especially after what she said about food bloggers….

Pig in Boots

How freaking cute is this pig with her little boots on? Caught this on Serious Eatswhich leads to a story about how miss piggy has to wear boots because she has mysophobia – fear of dirt. Cute and sad at the same time.

Good Eats…Monmouth County

So since the summer is practically here with the smoldering heat we’ve had here in NJ, I figured I’d remind you of some of my top picks for shore eating, especially if you are making your way over to the Jersey Shore. All of these picks are right off of Route 36 in Northern Monmouth County.

The Flakey Tart, Atlantic Highlands– Awesome bakery. Hit it on your way down or up to Sandy Hook and grab some scones, mac ‘n’ cheese or pan chocolat.

McDonagh’s, Keyport– Want some bar grub and a pint? Head over to McDonagh’s Irish Pub for a banging Guinness BBQ Burger and have a pint of Blue Moon for me.

Drew’s Bayshore Bistro, Keyport– Maybe you have a hankering for some heat? Drew’s offers up New American cuisine with a touch of Cajun-Creole flavors. BBQ Pork Strudel, Jambalaya and Etouffee…mmmm

Trinity Restaurant, Keyport– My fav joint for it’s Catalan Clams, Waygu Burger with Foie Gras & homemade ketchup, and Mango Mojito. NJ.com’s Munchmobile was just there recently and raved about the Soft-Shell Crabs.

Pirate’s Cove on the Bay, Belford (Middletown) – Dining with a view? Eat outside on the deck overlooking the bay while enjoying your seafood.

Oishi Sushi, Hazlet – My choice for fresh sushi. Try the Mark Roll (made with crab salad and crunchies).

So next time your in the area, pay a visit to one of my favorite places!








  1. Jana said

    Yikes, I hadn’t read what Lisa had said in that article before! She definitely was not one of my favorites, I’m so glad Stephanie won, I really liked her.

  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Jana,

    Yikes is right. Very insulting thing for her to say.

    I’m definitely happy for Stephanie!


  3. melissa said

    Since you were such a fan overall, I thought you’d like to see this if you hadn’t already. Cutest baby EVER.


  4. foodiedani said

    Thanks for sharing! How adorable and what great shots!

  5. Joseph said

    I tried leaving a message on Chow…but if you like something that the “regulars” dont.. you get deleted. You asked about restaurants in AP… We like Taka…and Plan B. Since you are looking for later dining… Plan B is open until 3am friday and saturday. Enjoy your visit to AP.. there are some great restaurants…and some great people. The group on Chow…are against AP. Have fun at the pony…. see the new boardwalk and have a drink at beach bar.. you cant beat the view

  6. foodiedani said

    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for visiting the site. Unfortunately, never made it into AP. But thank you for the recommendations. I really need to get over there. I’ve heard quite a few people say good things about Taka. And Plan B sounds like a good option for a late night. I’m a fan of AP myself, reminds me of Keyport (where I’m near). Great little, eclectic towns that are up and coming. I like to support towns like this.


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