Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby… I was really excited about eating at Bobby Flay’s steakhouse in Atlantic City at the Borgata Casino. I tried to not have high hopes for this meal but I couldn’t help myself. My parents have said good things about, other people have told me good things, and it has Bobby Flay’s name to it. But it was a sad, forgettable, and expensive meal.

We had tickets for Kathy Griffin (who was freakin’ hysterical) at Borgata and figured we’d tried out Flay’s steakhouse before the show. It’s a very large, open atmosphere, albeit noisy though. Service started out pretty flawless, very attentive. Tables were very close together… a little too closer for comfort if you ask me.

I started with a glass of Riesling. This was probably the best part of my meal. It was perhaps, one of the best glasses of Riesling I’ve ever had. It was Hermann Weimer, ‘Semi-Dry’, Finger Lakes, 2005. I will definitely be on the lookout for a bottle of that.

Let’s start with the bread basket. Out came four or five rolls, one was a mini ciabatta roll that was so tough to chew, I could hear my jaw pop. The other rolls were a Parker House-type Sourdough. And when I say sour, I mean SOUR. They left a weird after-taste, plus they were a little doughy in the middle, suggesting they weren’t cooked all the way through. The butter served with the bread basket was hard as a rock. I hate that. I want to spread the fat on my bread, can you allow me that one little pleasure? Instead, rock solid butter that only rips apart your roll as you attempt to spread it.

Next up, Steamed Littleneck Clams, Jersey Shore style. The waiter said these came in a garlic-butter broth, Bobby’s version, and he added, not sure what Jersey shore Bobby got these from. Interesting, because I eat clams all the time and often it’s in a garlic-butter broth. But I digress. The first few clams were good, not great, the sauce was alright, flavors were almost missing. But a few clams in and yuck. Grit. Lots of it. Each clam I took was grittier. Terrible. Don’t these people watch Top Chef? Clean those mollusks!!!

For my main entree I ordered Filet Mignon Louisiana, hold the dry rub (the waiter mentioned it was spicy), medium rare (how I always order my filet). This was two petit filets, one with Bernaise sauce, the other with a lobster-bisque type sauce with 3 morsels of crawfish. This was accompanied by two whole crawfish. The sauces were terrific, could have done with some more crawfish on top. The one filet was cooked perfectly. The other….not so much. There wasn’t any pink to it at all and the outside was charred, crispy, burnt.

I also ordered a side of Smashed Potatoes with goat cheese, chives, and creme fraiche. These were very underseasoned and a bit of salt would have helped them along. Plus, they came out several minutes after I got my filet. Bad timing.

The husband ordered the Philadelphia Style Strip Steak with provolone cheese sauce and carmleized onions and a side of Roasted Asparagus with green peppercorn vinegarette and a glass of Guiness. He ordered his steak medium and it was pretty rare. He did say the cheese sauce was very good as was the asparagus.

We planned on getting dessert but because the service slowed down to a halt we had to leave. The bill came to roughly $150, too much for mediocre food. Bobby Flay Steak just didn’t live up to the hype I’ve read or heard. There are far too many other dining options in AC for me to try out next time….




  1. Sorry to hear Bobby let you down. Lord knows he’s all over the place. I doubt AC is on the top of his priority list.

    I just got Bobby’s Mesa Grill cookbook. His recipes are always a bit on the complicated side. Usually one ingredient you have to go hunting for which usually means it doesn’t get made. However, the sauces sound really interesting and he’s got a million of them. I think I’ll try recreating some Bobby originals and forget the trip to AC.


  2. Jen said

    Hey Dani,

    I loved your descriptions here, especially the bread and butter (I mean, who doesn’t like to spread warm, soft salty-sweet fat on their bread)! I wasn’t particularly impressed by Bobby Flay’s on my visit either. After paying the bill, I had that knot-in-my-stomach feeling like I just lost $200 on one hand of poker.

    Have you been to The Trinity: Irish Pub & Carvery at Caesar’s Pier? We’ve been there several times and love the Skillet Steamed Mussels (w/broiled Sourdough croutons, Cider, Garlic & Fresh Herbs). In fact, if we don’t soak up all the broth with the large bread slice sized “croutons”, we usually end up spooning it down by itself. Very tasty! And they give you around 3-4 dozen mussels. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

    Mike, my boyfriend (the chef) even asked for the recipe and denied him. In trying to duplicate it, we threw some fennel and thmye, herbs, cider, creme fraiche, etc. and they came out parallel on the delicious-scale.

    Here’s a link to their menu:

    Next time you’re in A.C., have some for me!

  3. melissa said

    That stinks. I’ve spent $150 on a mediocre meal before and it’s a shitty feeling. It’s like… it’s not about the money, and yet in a way, it is because you expect to get what you’re paying for. Sorry about your disappointment. Glad you had a good time seeing Kathy Griffin though. I’ll admit it, I used to find her annoying until a couple of years ago. I bet she’s a hoot in person.

  4. foodiedani said

    Hey Deb!
    Very doubtful he was there Saturday night! Would have been cool and perhaps a better meal, although there are probably a ton of chefs back there considering the size. Good luck with his recipes! I wouldn’t rule out AC, lol! (my fav place!). Heard Buddakan at The Pier is very good.

    Hey sister! See, I’m not crazy, you had a less than spectacular experience at Flay’s as well. I would have rather dropped the $150 (not including the tip!) on a slot machine if I knew how the meal would have turned out! Have not been to Trinity. Only place I’ve eaten at the Pier is Continental. Not so good, wrote a review up here a few months ago. I’ll have to give Trinity a try since Caesars is one of my favorite casinos. Although, I’m wanting to try Buddakan as well 🙂


  5. Lisa said

    Oh, that’s a shame. It stinks when you pay good money for a so so meal. There are some oher good restaurants in AC so I am glad you gave this review.

  6. foodiedani said

    Hey Lisa,

    I know, total bust. Like I said earlier, would have rather used that money on the slots!!

    I’ve been having a hard time in AC with dining, keep making bad choices when I’m there. Any recommendations are welcome!


  7. Robin said

    Sorry to hear about your dinner! I had a similar experience with Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in NYC. It sad because the recipes in his cookbooks are so great and he’s probably a fantastic cook, but his restaurants are just… off.

    (P.S. I will sooo be swing-dancing once I get better!)

  8. foodiedani said

    Hey Robin!

    That’s disappointing to hear. I agree, I’m a fan of Flay’s so I just assumed his restaurant would be great.

    Hope you get better soon so I can give ya a lesson!


  9. Jackie said

    Never had potatoes with goat cheese in them; sounds very interesting!

  10. foodiedani said

    Hey Jackie!

    I’m sure if these potatoes were seasoned right they would have been fabulous. Definitely something s home cooks could try at home.


  11. Liz said

    Hey cuziDani,
    Mike and I too sought out Bobby’s Mesa Grill in NYC while on an overnight stay. Very inconspicuous location and upscale, but the food was anything but memorable. The $$$$ was alot more memorable. Mike to this day remembers how his steak was “burnt”. I keep telling him that in the world of fine cuisine it is called “charred”, which was in the initial description. LOL I don’t remember what I had but I know I wouldn’t go back.


  12. foodiedani said

    Hey there cuz,

    OK, so this seems to be the consensus here. Bobby Flay is great, his restaurants not so much…


  13. foodiedani said

    Comment recovered! Definitely a shitty feeling with the $$.And Kathy is hysterical! You must like celebrity gossip though to enjoy her!

  14. melissa said

    Dani… and lordy I hope you get this… celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure. 😉

  15. foodiedani said


    Got it!!! You would so love Kathy’s show! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Esp. her bit on Miley Cyrus…she stated she’s going to hell for calling a 15 year old a whore!! love it!


  16. Erin said

    First time reading your blog, and I had to laugh because I was working as an usher for the Kathy Griffin show at Borgata! Sorry to hear that the meal wasn’t great…I’ve never eaten there myself. Like someone else mentioned, Trinity at the Pier is great!

  17. foodiedani said

    Hey Erin!

    Thanks for stopping by! Wasn’t Kathy great! Were you at the Saturday first show where the older woman in the first row was walking back to her seat and Kathy made the funny comment?

    Thanks for the second recommendation at Trinity!


  18. Jonathan said

    My thoughts on your thoughts.

    I eat there every time I go to the borgata. From what I am reading you had a horrible experience which should be chalked up as an anomaly.

    1. I do not know how you could talk about the Louisiana filets without mentioning the béarnaise sauce. It is by far the best I have ever had. Moreover complaining that there was not enough crawfish to eat is laughable considering you ordered two a la carte steaks. That is like complaining there is not enough kale with a seafood dish. Overcooked steaks however are unforgivable and if your steak was in fact not even pink then that deserved to be sent back.
    P.S. they were not overpriced.

    2. You ordered Riesling with steaks?

    3. Expect a high end steak to be a little undercooked, it is not outback they try not to destroy the flavor, so the medium mistake on your friends steak is all relative the restaurant.

    4. Service- once again I think this is out of the norm, as a server/bartender for the last 6-7 years I find their service on point. Late sides are not cool though. The finish should be the best part, after-all that is when they tip so slow finishing service sucks.

    5. 75 bucks a person on a steak, 2 sides, and wine. Umm am I the only one that thinks thats not to bad. (I spent 260 on saturday, but I tried the kobe! and it was crazy good with my bottle of pinot)

    Good luck next time!

  19. foodiedani said


    Thank you for your feedback But I will respectfully disagree with you on some points.

    1. If in fact you had read the post thoroughly, you would have seen I did mention the Bernaise sauce and said ti was terrific. Complaining about the crawfish is laughable? I’m glad you thought it was funny. Don’t bill the steak as having crawfish when it’s served with about a teaspoon of crawfish meat. Please. And yes, the place is overpriced. More on that later.
    2. That’s right I ordered Riesling. So what. Oh my goodness. The wine Gods are coming to get me.
    3. I don’t eat at Outback so I wouldn’t know. I expect my steak to be cooked how I order it.
    4. I didn’t imagine the service was bad. It was bad. Glad it’s always good for you.
    5. Again, yes overpriced and overhyped. I can get a filet at some of my favorite places in Monmouth County for just about $30 and they are excellent compared to Flay’s $44.


  20. anonymous said

    I have been reading this blog for a while and don’t usually chime in. however, on this day, i must defend foodiedani and a few points.

    1. why should i expect a “high end” steak to be slightly under-cooked. at that price, i want it done right, period. should i expect a low end steak to be slightly over-cooked? NO WAY !!! outback or peter luger’s, doesn’t matter.

    2. so she drinks riesling with her steak…. big hairy deal. if you are in fact a good server and not a complete wine SNOB, then you should recognize that people should drink what they like with the food they choose. so maybe it isn’t the classic pairing. who cares?????? does it really matter???? do you tell a guest that they are wrong when they do something along those lines? guess you must have white wine with fish too? last time i checked, the guest is paying the bill. give them what they want and don’t be judgmental based on a wine choice.

    3. if the service was bad, then it was bad in her view. based on her number of reviews, i would say she has a decent grip on what good service is. and, at these prices, service should be stellar to say the least.

    4. as far as price……….i have been to the borgata on a food trip. went around to all the restaurants. frankly, all of them were in the “upscale to high” range. 44$ for a filet could be construed as high not knowing size or grade. however, all bets are off if its not cooked correctly.

    hey, every restaurant has bad nights. it happens, i know. i have heard from others the same complaints though. we ate at seablue, sat at the bar, had 2 apps, 2 drinks, bill was 90$ ! ouch ! food was very good, drinks were excellent and bartender was on top of everything. high? yes…. but it was very good, i would definitely go back.

  21. melissa said

    The comments from Jonathan would have gone over a bit better with me (even though I didn’t agree) if he hadn’t stuck his foot in his mouth with the Riesling remark. *Sigh* Snobbery shines through.

    Anyway, I think your review was detailed and spot on. And I also agree with you and Anonymous that your steak should be cooked exactly how you order it, particularly if you’re paying $44 for it. Sheesh.

  22. foodiedani said


    Agreed. These comments were more intelligent than the woman on Jose Tejas but he loses credibility when he attacks my wine choice.

    Thank you for your kind words. And yup, cook my steak the way I want it people! lol….


  23. The line about the “Wine Gods coming to get you” was the best. Whoever wrote that comment is trying way to hard to be cool. $260.00 for one dinner? That’s 1/4 of my mortgage payment.

  24. foodiedani said

    Hey there BC&B,

    Thanks! The Wine Gods have shown their wrath and I will never have Riseling with meat again. Yeah. Whatever!

    Agree with you. $260.00 for dinner is just not something I could even think about. The bill at Flay’s was my limit and I only do that like once a year. If you have to brag about spending that much, well…then…you have other issues.


  25. I have come to the conclusion that if I want a steak the way I like it then I need to cook it myself. We have hooked up with a great butcher around the corner and I get top grade cuts of beef. I pay alot more than I would at the Grocery store, but I get them 1″ or greater in thickness and wonderfully marbled. Plus, I can get Buffalo steaks!

    But, at the restaurants, I started ordering my steaks rare because I cannot eat a steak cooked more than medium rare. I found that if I ask for Rare, then I am usually satisfied. But, it’s a good think I like rare because I get it that way 50% of the time.

    But, I agree with the one point Jonathan made. If it’s not cooked the way you want, send it back. I’ve started getting comfortable with that. Many times the server made it up to me. One steak joint comp’d my Filet Mignon because it was given to me grey in the middle when I asked for rare.

  26. foodiedani said

    Hey Ray,

    If I tried to cook my own steak it would be a disaster 🙂 I just can’t make a good steak. A butcher is sometimes worth it. Wish I had one near me.

    I agree with you. If a steak is more than medium rare just can’t eat it.

    I have to get better about speaking up. It’s tough.


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