Restaurant Reviews: Mad Batter, Cape May, NJ & The Continental, AC, NJ

A few weeks ago, we made our yearly December migration to beautiful Cape May, NJ. As I mentioned in last year’s recap, I love Cape May, I was married there, vacation there all the time and eventually want to live there permanently. Nothing is more beautiful around Christmas than Cape May. However, this year, we only went for the day as we’ve been super busy.

We left very early in the morning and an hour and a half later got there just in time for breakfast. Where else would I eat breakfast at in Cape May but my favorite NJ restaurant, The Mad Batter. Since I hadn’t eaten here since last December I was anticipating being at my favorite spot. However, I couldn’t deviate from my most beloved breakfast item, the Croustade, scrambled eggs, roasted pepper and garlic, with green onions, sausage and Pepper Jack cheese served over brioche with home fries and of course, delicious coffee. If this sounds familiar it’s because I ordered the same thing last December. My husband teased me about being boring but I said if I ate here more than once a year I’d order something different. As always, it was absolutely delicious.


The husband ordered the Helsinki, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, green onions and Swiss cheese. He enjoyed it very much and I sneaked a bite and thought it was very good. As always, the service here is great, I adore the setting and am always waiting for a return trip here.


On the way home, we made a little detour to a little place called Atlantic City. We felt like trying our luck at my favorite casino, Caesar’s. While there, we were getting hungry for dinner so we took a walk around The Pier (a connected mall) and thought the menu sounded interesting for The Continental. The look evoked a Jetson’s-like atmosphere and we were seated around a retro fireplace. We started with Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, which we really enjoyed and Zucchini Fries, also good. My husband ordered the Pad Thai for his entree which he said was okay, but lacking in shrimp. I ordered an appetizer for my entree, Lobster Mac and Cheese. This was nothing special. It was made with orzo and fontina cheese. The only good part was picking out the very small amount of lobster in it. The service was just okay here. I do not recommend this place. The only good thing was that we headed back to the casino where we proceeded to win a little to cover the cost of the mediocre meal!



So overall, The Mad Batter – AWESOME, as usual…. The Continental…ehhh….just head to the casino….



  1. walter said

    Hey Dani.

    nice review. You make Cape May seem like a wonderful place to be!

    I will be sure to try the Helsinki, looks good.

    excellent blog, as always!

  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Walter!

    Thank you! CM is wonderful! You must take a trip there!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Amanda said

    Me and my fiancee stopped at the continental for the drinks and the service was terrible, the bartender (tall girl with acent) didn’t know how to make our drinks, it took her about 15 min. to figure that out!!! we ordered appetizers, thouth and I loved mac n cheese and kobe sliders!

  4. foodiedani said

    Hey Amanda,

    Wow! You’d think at a place as trendy as Continental the bartender would know all the drinks. I was looking at those kobe sliders and now wished I had ordered them!


  5. John said

    Lisa and I went to The Continential last year and enjoyed it very much. I think the two keys to the place are: 1) order a bunch of appetizers and skip the main entrees, and 2) stick to their kitschy, goofy (in a good way) signature drinks. If you do that, I think the place is a lot of fun.

  6. foodiedani said

    John, have you been to any of the other restaurants in the mall?


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