Restaurant Review: Trinity, Keyport, NJ

****** NEWS UPDATE ****** See my more recent review here!!!

Keyport, New Jersey is a quaint, little town on the coastal side of Monmouth county. There are a lot of pretty Victorian homes, a small main street with some unique shops, and a handful of really great restaurants. One of the newer ones to open is Trinity Restaurant. It’s housed in a multi-level century old church and features Latin, Asian & Mediterranean cuisine. I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since it opened this year as I heard many positive reviews about it. We made plans for this past Saturday night with friends to have dinner there.

Upon entering the restaurant you are immediately greeted by the friendly owner. The place was absolutely beautiful. To the left was a bar and directly in front was the first floor seating area. There was also a second floor with additional seating overlooking the first floor. The refurbishment was absolutely stunning. As we waited for our dining companions we had a drink at the bar. The bartender was very friendly and helpful and made some suggestions for the menu. Once our dining partners arrived we were led upstairs to a table right next to the balcony overlooking the first floor.

The waitresses brought out some marinated olives, which were excellent, and fresh rolls. All entrees were also served with a salad of mixed greens.

For appetizers, I had the Catalan Style Clams ($12), a dozen little neck clams with chorizo, Spanish peppers, white wine, and a touch of cream, served with some garlic toast. I dived right into this and thought it was fabulous. The clams were perfect and the combination of flavors with the chorizo and peppers was perfect. My husband had the soup of the day, Manhattan Clam Chowder which he said was very good, with huge chunks of clams, vegetables and beans.

For our main entrees, I choose the Grilled 8 oz. Filet Mignon with House Steak Sauce ($26) served with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables. I ordered it medium rare and it was cooked perfectly. The seasonings were spot on and the meat was amazingly tender and flavorful. I savored every bite. The steak sauce was also very good, with flavors similar to A1 Steak Sauce. The mashed potatoes were just right and the fresh vegetables were a selection of carrots, parsnips, and broccoli rabe. My meal was fantastic.

My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t as thrilled with his choice. Being a huge fan of Veal Marsala he went with the 14 oz. Veal Chop – Veal “Marsala” Re-Thought…Truffled Parsnip Puree, Wild Mushrooms, and a Marsala Reduction ($36). He didn’t realize it said Veal Chop and was expecting veal cutlets as you would usually get with veal marsala. He had never actually eaten a veal chop and decided he didn’t like them. He said the meat was lacking flavor and had too much fat on it. I took a small bite of it and it tasted alright to me but I’m not a huge fan of veal. Although, I must note he did eat it all.

Our dining companions had Linguini with Clam Sauce and the Roasted Chicken. They also had the Manhattan Clam Chowder and the Beet Carpaccio. They said they both enjoyed everything they had ordered.

For dessert, I had the Green Tea “Tiramisu” with Fortune Cookie Crumble and Dark Chocolate Sauce. This was ok, not great. If you didn’t tell me it was tiramisu I would have not thought it was. I will say the chocolate sauce was amazing though.

The only negative to this meal was the wait staff. Our waitress was very young and inexperienced. She had brought back the wrong drinks at one point, forgotten to bring my drink another time, and was generally missing in action. There was a very long lag waiting for the dessert, however she did acknowledge it a few times and kept coming over to apologize. The chef actually walked the dessert up. We were actually ready to cancel the dessert as it was coming up the stairs.

Overall, because the ambiance was so beautiful and my appetizer and entree were so great, I cannot wait to return here. I was worried my husband would not want to go back because of his veal chop but he said he was interested in trying other items on the menu. So that was great news for me! I think this is an undiscovered gem so far although most tables were taken. As we were leaving, the owner made a point to come over and thank us for dining there and asked us how everything was. Always a nice touch. Another interesting tidbit was that he mentioned the menu changes every few months. Well, I will definitely be visiting here again! I think if they can work out the kinks with the wait staff and the kitchen can handle the crowds I think this place will do amazing.



  1. Marilyn said

    Thanks for that review! It got a few good reviews over at Chowhound, too. I just put it on my “to-go” list. Can’t wait to try it! After the holidays of course. Need to “recover” from the Xmas spending. 😉

  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Marilyn!

    Yup saw the reviews on Chowhound, another reason to go. If you can at least get in there and sit at the bar and have some apps.


  3. Michelle said

    Thanks for these reviews I love them!

  4. foodiedani said

    Thanks Michelle!

  5. Dani – Can you give me the code for the Foodie Blogroll in the un-expanded format? For some reason I can’t find the old email from when I joined and the code I have makes my page load very, very slowly. Thanks!!

  6. perry Layton said

    Yes,, great spot, upon entering we didnt get service for 10 minutes and waited as not one person attended to us or helped get seats. Had to leave after waiting 12 minutes at which time 2 waiters had just passed by us and the bartender didnt offer any help either

  7. foodiedani said


    Sorry to hear about your bad experience there. That’s unfortunate. I did notice that a lot of the wait staff seemed very young and inexperienced (like our waitress). Hopefully this is something they can work out.


  8. michael said

    just wanted to say thank you for the kind words and hope the next time you are here, we get to meet face to face. just ask for chef mike

    thank you
    michael d’ennery
    executive chef, trinity restaurant

  9. foodiedani said

    Thanks Chef Mike for visiting the blog and for your comments. We hope to return to Trinity soon.


  10. lk_nj said

    Was there first time on Saturday. You don’t even notice that you are in church when inside. Great atmosphere! Especially with live music on stage.
    Interesting selection of cocktails. Yummmmy deserts. (we didn’t order any main dishes, but I heard they are good).
    Wait staff – apparently they are doing better after a year:) because our service was good.
    Thanks everybody for a great evening!

  11. foodiedani said

    Hi LK

    thanks for visiting. so glad you enjoyed my favorite place. do tell what you had to drink and eat. did you try the chocoholics? i was there friday for dessert and drinks and had the choc pb and jelly mousse. yum!


  12. jsfein said

    Hi Dani. I’m a Chowhounder and found your blog through your posts. I’ve been reading up on everything Trinity lately as I’m throwing a surprise party for my wife there later this year (I haven’t had a chance to dine there yet – the party will be the first time). Chef Mike has been a pleasure to work with. And, I understand, there’s a possibility that the night I have chosen may have some line dancing going on. I’m enjoying reading your blog — between food and Disney it feels like home.

  13. foodiedani said

    Hi Jsfein,

    Welcome fellow chowhounder! You won’t be disappointed using Trinity. After using them for a benefit for an association I belong to, we are using them again for an awards luncheon we were so impressed.

    And yes, there is often live bands and on other nights ballroom dancing with free lessons.

    Please check out as I have some articles over there.

    Thanks for visiting!!

  14. jefk56 said

    Going to Trinity tonite for my second visit. First was 2 weeks ago with agroup of eight and I have to say based on our table choices, SERVICE, ambiance and pricing – this could be one of the best in Monmouth Co. And that is saying a lot.

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