Vacation Restaurant Reviews Part Seven

Our last day of vacation…how sad. We got up bright and early and stuffed our luggage into the fabulous, stinky rental car and made our way over to the Polynesian Resort. This was painful as I had to view from afar the Magic Kingdom, knowing I wouldn’t be stepping a foot in there.

We had reservations for the Kona Cafe at 10:30 that morning. The Polynesian Resort is one of my favorites at WDW, even though I’ve actually never stayed here. I always make a point to visit this resort, even if it’s just to walk around and grab a cup of Kona coffee at the coffee bar. We’ve eaten at the luau here which was good and a lot of fun and we had a character meal breakfast last year at Ohana’s which was also good.

This was our first time eating at the Kona Cafe, which is a table service restaurant that serves all day. One of the Disney message boards I frequent,, has numerous, positive posts about this place and in particular, Tonga Toast – a banana-stuffed french toast coated in cinnamon sugar, served with a strawberry compote and ham, bacon or sausage.


We were seated immediately and there was quite a crowd here. I immediately ordered a cup of Kona blend coffee. The regular Kona was in a press pot and I heard it was super strong and there’s no way I could handle it. Hubby ordered a cafe mocha, despite not liking coffee. I loved my coffee and he, surprisingly, liked the cafe mocha. I took a sip and thought it was very yummy.


Hubby ordered the Big Kahuna. If you can see from the menu above is French Toast, Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes, Eggs, Homefries, Ham, Bacon, AND Sausage. Did I mention he is a big eater? Waitress brought out eggs, home fries and ham. Ummm…where’s the rest…She didn’t hear him order the Big Kahuna. Not sure, what she heard but she decided to bring out half of his meal. She quickly brought out the rest though. He ate the WHOLE thing and loved it. The Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes were actually regular pancakes with pineapple on top and macadamia nut butter. The butter was awesome though.

I ordered the Tonga Toast with sausage. Again, something missing, no strawberry compote. But I actually didn’t want it, so I didn’t say anything to the server. This was good but I didn’t love it. Fellow DISer’s don’t hate me, lol! The portion was HUGE and there was no way I could finish it. I thought the sausage was very tasty too. I’m glad I tried it but I wouldn’t order it again.



Overall, the meal was good, HUGE, and tasty. The service was somewhat shoddy but it wouldn’t keep me from going back here. I hear they have some great wings for dinner! We took a spin on the monorail after the meal and had a tour of the Grand Floridian Resort before heading to Downtown Disney and eventually the airport… 😦

And that’s all folks! My vacation reviews have come to an end, sniff sniff…

I’ll be back to posting some recipe reviews very soon. Hope you enjoyed the recap!  



  1. melissa said

    “This was painful as I had to view from afar the Magic Kingdom, knowing I wouldn’t be stepping a foot in there.”

    awww. =( I always had a great time at disney world, at all the parks (and still can’t ever forget to mention epcot food hahaha). my sister is much more a disney fanatic than I am, but I do love dusney, in a general sense – most especially for fantasia 2000, my favorite movie pretty much ever.

    I think everything looks GREAT. I love breakfast food! I probably would have eaten hubby’s whole plate too. ;P

  2. foodiedani said

    Hi Melissa!

    We love visiting the Disney parks almost as much as eating at all of the great places there, haha!

    I love Fantasia 2000 also, big fan of the original too. Have some framed art at home from it!

    Thanks for the comments! I hope to post more breakfast recipes soon. It’s actually my favorite thing to cook but come the weekend I’ve been lazy and hitting up the diner!


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