Vacation Restaurant Reviews Part One

Hi everyone! I am just catching up with my sleep and unpacking after a week long vacation that ended in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We headed down to Vero Beach, Florida last Saturday and came home Friday night. Our flight was scheduled for 6:55 p.m. out of Orlando to Newark but was delayed til almost midnight due to the weather back here. We didn’t get to bed til after 3 p.m. that night so it’s been a rough weekend!

Back to the vacation! We started off with a few days at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort on the East coast of Florida and ended with two days at WDW staying at Disney’s Pop Century. A LOT of food was eaten and lucky for you I have pics! We flew into Orlando, which is a two hour drive to Vero Beach. We had an 11:00 a.m. flight Saturday morning and because flying makes me nervous I had eaten any breakfast. I did have some chips on the flight though. By the time we landed, got our luggage and our rental car, it was after 3. As we were driving the first hour to Vero Beach there was nothing and we were both starving. Soon enough, we saw signs for Cracker Barrel. I’ve only eaten at this place twice and liked it both times. Good, country cooking. Not great, but good. The husband had never eaten there. Since it was the first place we saw we went.

My husband had the Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings with corn and mashed potatoes.dsc03561_jpg-03.jpg

I had the Fall special, which was chicken and apples topped with Ritz crackers and cheese. Sounds crazy and almost gross but it was good. I had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes as a side.dsc03560_jpg-02.jpg

We both liked our meals but agreed it’s good but not great. Very heavy and filling. I would go back even though I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants.

Next up, The Green Cabin Room at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for a late night dinner on our first night….



  1. melissa said

    my sister lives in vero beach. I wish I had known you sooner, I would have recommended a place or two. 😉 I do hope you had some good dining experiences though. cracker barrel’s a classic!

  2. foodiedani said

    Hey Melissa!

    Darn! I was going by some research on a Disney message board. We definitely had some good dining experiences in Vero Beach. Hopefully, I’ll be posting one tomorrow! What are some of the places you recommend? I’m curious….

    As far as Cracker Barrel goes, in NJ, I think there’s only one or two and they are no where near me. 😦

  3. melissa said

    oh no no, I *personally* couldn’t recommend good places, as I am not familiar with the area. but my sister has lived there for… I think 7 years? so I would have asked her for sure. I’m really glad you found some nice dining though. whatever good stuff you found, I will be sure to pass on to her as well!

  4. foodiedani said

    Thanks Melissa! We found some good and bad dining places…stay tuned….

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