Review: Jose Tejas, Woodbridge, NJ

This past weekend I was meeting up with one of my sorority sisters whom I hadn’t seen in years.  We decided to head to Jose Tejas in Woodbridge, NJ (located in front of Woodbridge Center Mall with the big, neon “EAT” sign) because this area was the middle ground for both of us. I was the one to actually suggest this place. Many, many years ago, when I was in high school, this place opened up. My friends and I would go here all the time because it was fun and cheap and good. I hadn’t been here in several years but my husband and his co-workers went here a few weeks ago and they all loved it. So I thought it was worth a try (despite being a chain! gasp!).

I arrived at 7 p.m. and noticed a familar scene. Crowds (and guys in white tank tops – more on that later). I checked in and there was an hour and a half wait. I wasn’t happy to hear that but since I’m not really familiar with the area anymore I figured we stick it out.

The wait staff immediately brings you warm chips and fresh salsa when you sit down. The chips were good, maybe a little too salty and the salsa seemed fresh, but maybe a little too watery. Again, waiting an hour and a half on an empty stomach may have messed with my taste buds. But we managed to scarf down almost two baskets of them between the two of us. Because of my sensitively to spicy food, I had the waitress help me pick something. She suggested the Chicken Waco and I went for it as I remembered having it previously and enjoying it. Chicken Waco is a a boneless chicken breast stuffed with roasted poblano peppers, spinach and mushrooms and covered with a Monterery Jack cheese and poblano pepper sauce. I thought the chicken was pretty darn tasty overall and also large in portion so I had to take most of it home. It came with a warm, flaky biscuit which was also good and an enourmous serving of rice. The waitress neglected to tell me that the rice was spicy and after one mouthful which I painfully swallowed, followed by many sips of my sangria, I decided that was going home as well to the hubby.

My only negative thoughts to the place were the waits and the clientle. Here’s my issue. Why do some young guys think it’s ok to come into a sit-down restaurant with a tank top on? I must have seen a dozen of these muscle-head type guys, covered in tattoes (hey- nothing against them, I have a few myself, hidden of course…), with a pound of hair gel in their hair, shorts with their boxers hanging out, and their hairy armpits??? There’s a time and a place for that dress (I suppose) but not at a restaurnt. Maybe McDonald’s. Put a shirt on please! Tank-tops are undershirts!

Overall, it was a good, cheap meal. The bill for the two of us came to roughly $30.00 for two entrees, one sangria, and one margarita. To me though, it’s not worth the wait. I’m sure I can find a better Mexican restaurant nearby that’s more authentic. And one with less exposed hairy armpits….




  1. Jules said

    The next time you go there, order the Mesquite Grilled Salmon Salad. Request it blackened and get the sauce on the side. It’s incredible!!!

    I love your blog. I too live on the Jersey Shore and have two cooking blogs aside from my regular blog. Check them out!


  2. foodiedani said

    Thank you Julie! I love salmon so I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for the compliments on the blog! I’ll be sure to check out your blogs! 🙂

  3. Lila said

    I love Jose Tejas! I sugest you try the quasadias! They taste realy good! I go there a lot!

  4. Mulana said

    I love Jose Tejas, and it’s like so cool! I love how it’s decorated! They have the best food too! I go there often but not too much! And no just because I go there a lot dosn’t mean I’m fat! If you think I am you mean phat! No just kidding! I don’t think your those kind of people!

  5. foodiedani said

    Thanks for the suggestion Lila! I’ve seen that dish come out and it looks great!

  6. foodiedani said

    Thanks for the feedback Mulana! I like the decor there too! Very festive.

  7. deanna said

    i think that if you enjoyed the food why even take out your time to complain…i feel its really nobody’s business how someone comes dressed to a restaurant, unless it’s really inappropriate (like in their underwear). i’m a christian person who always dresses nicely and has no tattoos, and the only reason i’m responding is that i was looking for the restaurant online and thought this was a legitamate response to find out about it; but all i got was a stupid blog of someone who has a lot of time on their hands and can’t mind their own business..this is america lady, people can wear what they want, if you dont like it then stay home.

  8. foodiedani said

    Oh good God. Deanna why did you even waste your energy writing such a negative post? Who has extra time on their hands?????

    It’s no one’s business how people come dressed to a restaurant? Um, hello, have you ever heard of dress codes? Undershirts in a restaurant are NOT appropriate.

    And you are a Christian person leaving some a nasty post? How would your pastor feel about that? Oh and am I going to hell because I have FOUR tattoos?

    This is a legitamate response lady. It’s called a blog, it’s a restaurant review. Welcome to the blogging world lady.

    I can’t mind my own business?! I’ll damn well say what I want when I want. Freedom of speech, just like I posted your moronic response.

    My blog is sooo stupid but you took the time to read it and post. Love it. And I have a lot of time on my hands? Yeah, that’s right, I like to write in addition to my full and part time jobs and community service. WHAT DO YOU DO?

    Have a BLESSED day!

  9. Melissa said

    I am a firm believer of being able to have an opinion. Part of the “fun” (although Deanna sucked most out of it) is being able to say WHATEVER you want without being so harshly criticized for it, especially on a blog. It is, afterall, the Internet. Deanna does, unfortunately, have the right to say pretty much anything (within the context of appropriateness), as Dani pointed out.

    Dani’s blog is HONEST, something I find refreshing and RARE in today’s world. I come to her blog on a daily basis. Sure, we don’t always agree, but again: She’s being HONEST. She and I happen to share many similar opinions, agree on many things and have very similar tastes in food. That’s part of why I love reading what she writes. (Plus she’s very funny and a great writer.)

    If you don’t agree, that’s fine. But don’t be so rude as to point out your agenda and criticize others for not agreeing with you. You never even gave her a chance. Dani put herself out there by even writing a review; all reviewrs do this. She was kind enough to post your comment. I probably would have laughed at it before I said “Hell no.”

    Ignorance only gets you so far in my book. And this is America, if you don’t like it stay at home???? Deanna, you obviously don’t get out much, nor do you have high standards. Don’t sell yourself short, be kind and give everyone and everything a fair chance.

  10. iamchefmd said

    how to respond to this??????????????hmmmmmmmmm

    lets start with…

    mind your own business? the great thing about our country (one of many actually) is freedom of speech.

    the dress of young men? completely inappropriate for a restaurant like this. if i am paying those prices, i don’t want to be subjected to hairy armpits. disgusting. they probably had hats on as well. ridiculous. what happened to manners in this world?

    love the fact you complained about the blog. you probably hate howard stern too. maybe MTV, or even the food network because rachel ray shows too much cleavage. fortunately for us, we have CHOICE here. turn the dial lady !!!!!

    finally, i think it says something that foodiedani posted your response, knowing many people will read it. i know it reminds me that there are many people out there with dogmatic views of the world. hey, the world needs ditch diggers too.

    keep it up dani ! love the blog ! this person probably thinks your in cahoots with satan as well………come to think of it, i’m late for bible studies, gotta run !

  11. Sara said

    Dani you are awesome!!! LOVE IT!

  12. melissa said

    Well, that was uncalled for. I remember a while back remarking to you Dani how bizarre it is to me the things people will say to each other online… I’m sure she would never be this ridiculously rude to you in person.

    I agree with your take on the tanks. I think you should at least have a T-shirt on. But regardless, she had no right coming here to YOUR blog and berating you for what was *your opinion.* What a loser.

    P.S. You have four tattoos? Damn, woman, you’re a badass. 😉

  13. foodiedani said

    Hey Melissa,

    I agree with the whole bizarre thing (as I’ve also witnessed recently on your blog with your recent issue).

    Thank you for agreeing on the tanks! Maybe McD’s like I said but not a place you sit down with wait staff, even if it is casual. This person was off their rocker as far as I am concerned.

    Yup, 4, haha, I’m a wild child. Planning the fifth currently!!


  14. Glad that lady could drop the “I’m a Christian” bomb and then leave an ugly comment. People like that give Christians a bad name.

    I agree with your comment about the tank top. What kind of clown dresses like that to go to a nice restaurant?

    Keep up the good work Dani! 🙂

  15. foodiedani said

    I hate that too. How could you say “I’m a Christian” and then be so nasty?

    Oh if you could only see the clowns in the tank tops, along with their pants hanging off their tushes and boxes showing. Yup, in restaurant…

    Thanks again!


  16. I’m a competative bodybuilder and I feel the need to throw a t-shirt on over my tank top whenever the wife and I hit a restaurant up on our way back from the gym.

    From the description you provided, Dani, it sounded like this joint was a Meetup location for the 20-something age group. That sounds like the the college-age set wears to hang out on and tie one on. At least that is what we wore when I was that age back in the early 90’s….lol

    But, I’d have to say that seeing people dressed that way, wouldn’t detract much from my dining experience. In fact, I think it would add to it since my wife and I are “people watchers” and seeing people who “dared to leave the house dressed like that” provides entertainment for us wherever we are. I’m sure I’ve provided that kind of entertainment for others.

    The way my wife describes me, I have no fashion sense at all….haha

  17. foodiedani said


    You are right, the place was a hang-out joint for 20 somethings. It didn’t detract from my dining experience but I suppose I wasn’t used to seeing people dressed like that in a restaurant. It did however, provide entertainment. haha.


  18. erin said

    i love it! hehe 🙂

  19. Carrie said

    The fish taco and cadillac fajitas are to die for! Chowing them down with a nice big margarita is the perfect meal.

  20. Joanne Bliss said

    I have to say, Jose Tejas is my favorite Tex-Mex. (Woodbridge NJ) I have beenn going there forever. I lived on Staten island for 32 years and now in New Jersey for the past 11 years. I live further from there now then I did from SI. I love everything about the food, the service, the prices, and the atmosphere. the one thing I do have a problem with is. When waiting to be seated (and it’s always worth the wait) my husband and I usually go into the bar. I know there are families with kids also waiting to be seated and I have no problem with that at all. I do have kids myself. The thing is, the kids are being allowed to sit at the bar. Not at a table, I mean at the counter part of the bar. We were there more then a few times that I saw this. Not only does this look bad for the restaurant itself to allow kids at the bar, but I don’t think it’s legal. The parents of these kids are allowing the kids to sit there. Two weeks ago there was a large party waiting to be seated. There were 5 seats at the bar being taken up by children that were no more then 10 years old. I feel that a manager or employee should have went up to the party waiting and let them know that this was not a good thing.

  21. Dr. Ballon said


    I just stumbled across this post when I was looking up some review for Jose Tejas. I’ve lived on Staten Island my whole life, and JT is my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant. I only recently found out it was part of a chain, and it broke my heart a little bit, but it won’t change my opinion of the place! The blackened chicken fajitas are to die for! (Although they are a bit spicy, so judging from your review, they are probably not for you.)

    Anyway, a quick tip for future visits: If there is a long wait, you can stand by the bar and ask for some chips and salsa. They will have no problem giving them to you, even if you don’t order a drink! Also, it seems they have recently built an outside enclosed area with no reservation required. Just stand on line, and a “bouncer” will let you in when a table clears up!


  22. Eggiwegs said

    Count me in as a JT lover. I’ve heard how crowded the Woodbridge NJ location can be (over one hour? On a weeknight? O.o). If you’re going to wait that long, just get back in your car and drive up the NJT to 3 to 46 and get to the one in Fairfield. The drive alone should be less than the wait.

    It’s sad that there is only 2 left in NJ. There used to be a third on Rt 4, but it burned down about 10+ years ago and was never replaced.

    My only complaint is that they don’t have a nutrition category anywhere. I go online about once every 6 months hoping to find one, but they don’t exist. Oh well, see y’all in July!

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