My Adventures in Cake Decorating, Part 4


Oh, the horrors…Last week I completed my fourth and final class in the Wilton Cake Decorating Series at Michael’s. I’ve never wanted something to end sooner. I really didn’t anticipate disliking this craft so much when I signed up or I would have never signed up in the first place. Cake decorating just isn’t my thing. I rather be whipping up some Roast Rack of Lamb and potato gratin or some popovers. Cake decorating is very intricate and you must have patience. It’s also very messy and time consuming. I give cake decorators a lot of credit, I think what they do is an art, just not something I want to pursue.

For the last class, we learned how to make the Wilton rose. Because I couldn’t wait to get out of there, I was very careless and sloppy and quick. The roses came out ok I suppose, I mean my co-workers recognized them as roses. However, my icing wasn’t stiff enough so the petals had ridges instead of being smooth. Also, once again, notice my fabulous icing technique (full of crumbs).

In the future, I really prefer to go buy a cake, however, if I had to make one, I’ve learned a few techniques I could use. And most importantly, I’ve learned that the best way (for me) to frost a cake is (drum-roll please…) use chocolate icing with chocolate cake and you won’t see the crumbs mixed in! Otherwise, please refer to the proper techniques on Wilton’s site if you prefer your icing crumb-less!





  1. Glenna said

    I am a cake decorator so I appreciated both your appreciation and that you gave it a fair try instead of dropping out after the second (?) class when you realized it wasn’t for you. That’s okay. Lots of bakeries out there who’d love to decorate for you but glad you hung in there. Pat yourself on the back for completing what you started!

  2. foodiedani said

    Glenna – Thank you! From now on, I’m leaving it to the professionals!

  3. Jason said

    Your cakes looked pretty darn good to me…..

    I can’t bake… let alone decorate….. Baking it too much of a science, I like to go on feel and when trying to bake that will get you in a lot of trouble and fast.

    Long live the popover…… its as close to baking I will get.


  4. foodiedani said

    Thanks Jason! I’m with you, I’ll stick to regular cooking. Baking is too exact for me, I’ll leave that for the experts. Here’s to the popover!

  5. maliha11 said

    I think that looks absolutely marvelous and delicious as well 🙂

  6. foodiedani said

    Thanks Maliha! It did taste better then it looked!

  7. Jojo said

    I’m with you — not enough patience for cake decorating. I like baking though! That just reminded me about one of my favorite books — Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray. VG!

  8. foodiedani said

    Hey Jojo,

    I like baking when it comes out right, lol! I do make a mean chocolate chip cookie! I’ll have to check out that book Eat Cake, thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Congratulations for finishing the course! I’m with Glenna–it’s great that you gave it a fair shake. Now you know! I like your groovy violet black roses.

  10. foodiedani said

    Thanks zombiecakes! I was getting tired of all the baby shower colors for my icing so I went for something different!

  11. Susan said

    Hi, Dani. Cake decorating takes practice and patience, but if you don’t have the desire, then best to move on to other things. I don’t think your flowers are half bad. I like decorating, but haven’t tried the flower nail technique yet. Someday.
    BTW, I haven’t forgotten about the meme. I will get to it at some point down the road, well BEFORE I learn to pipe roses. Thanks for thinking of me. : )

  12. foodiedani said

    Hey Susan,
    Two things I don’t have when it comes to food- the desire to practice or patience, lol! Thanks for the compliment on my flowers – one of my friends said they look like carnations!

    Oh the meme! Those are quite fun when you have the time!

    Take care!

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