My Adventures in Cake Decorating, Part 3


Third week into my cake decorating courses and I am ready to call it quits. At first, I thought I was dreading going to class that night because I had a migraine so bad it forced me to call out of work for the first time since I started at the new place. But since that day has come and gone and I am about to prepare my icing and cake for final class this week, I realize the dread wasn’t due to the migraine. I’m just not feeling it. It’s clear to me that baking and specifically cake decorating is not my cup of tea for many reasons. Unlike others in the class whom decorating seems to come naturally to them, I am struggling to get some of the basic designs down (hence the repeat of the stars on this week’s cake). It’s also very messy – from making the icing to cleaning up the tools, I am so hating that part. I’ll finish off the course this upcoming week but won’t be continuing to Course 2 and so on. The best thing I can say came out of it was that on the rare occasions I do make a cake, I can make some basic designs now.

Moving on to this week’s actual course, we learned some more basics, including making shells, flowers, dots, and figure heads. We also learned how to make striped icing, which is basically painting the inside of your piping bag before filling with icing. We all had to make the clown cake this week and the instructor showed us how to make clowns sitting on top of the cake, lying down, climbing up the side, and sitting crossed leg. She demonstrated on my cake how to make the clown climb up the side. I finished it off with the clown sitting on top and the other clown climbing up the side. Also, note the icing on my cake, it appears to have red confetti in it, but that’s just my poor icing techniques once again! That’s crumbs mixed into the icing not on purpose!

Well, it’s onto making roses this week for the final class. Stay posted for those results….




  1. zombiecakes said

    That clown climbing up the side scares me! Your cake looks good. There’s definitely a learning curve to get over and Course 1 is tough! Good luck with those Wilton Roses!

  2. foodiedani said

    Yeah, it’s kind of a creepy clown cake! Thanks for the compliment though! Roses tomorrow night!

  3. Gaetano's Red Bank said

    We hope to see you at Gaetano’s really soon!

    Check out our blog:

  4. Vanita said

    I am planning to join the Wiltons cake decorting class at Hobby lobby . I am totally new to baking and have no clue whats gonna happen on course 1. Can you email me some details pls…


  5. foodiedani said

    Hi Vanita,

    Good luck with taking the course. As far as details, I’ve outlined each of the four classes in course 1 here on the blog. I’m not sure what details you are looking for but you should be able to find everything here.

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