The Broadway Diner, Red Bank

Last weekend, my husband and I were craving diner food and we remembered seeing a little diner in nearby Red Bank a while ago. So we took a drive into Red Bank and found it. Much to our surprise it was open 24 hours; most diners in our area are not which is culture shock to someone who grew up in Northern NJ and had about a half dozen diners with five miles open 24 hours. It looks teeny tiny on the outside but is deceivingly larger once you get inside. It looks like your typical chrome diner, with revolving dessert case and counter service and booths. We got some wings to start with and they were ok, pretty meaty, not too spicy. They had a dry rub on them, not your typical wet sauce.

My husband had the lamb gyro which came with coleslaw, pickle, fries and onion rings. He enjoyed all aspects of his meal. I ordered a cheddar burger, which also came with slaw, pickle, fries and onion rings. There were only two onion rings which was plenty considering they gave you a plate full of fries. The onion rings were just ok. There was too much batter and it was somewhat mushy. The fries were nice and crispy but under-seasoned. The slaw and pickle were just right. The burger was a little on the greasy side. I knew I’d  be paying for it later. The bun wasn’t the best either, it was equivalent to a small sesame seed bun like McDonald’s or Burger King. I expect a nice Kaiser roll at a diner. There was also too much cheese on the burger – a slice on the top and the bottom, which may be ok for some but too much for me. The burger itself was just ok, it looked like it was possibly a pre-made frozen type you can get at Costco by the bundle.

Overall, the meal was decent. I’m not ready to rule this place out yet, especially since they are open 24 hours. But it’s good to find a diner open 24/7 around us and there’s a lot more to try on the menu. The next test of its diner worthiness will have to be a breakfast run…


  1. Marilyn said

    We haven’t had any meals there that are worth talking about. I think for breakfast or late night (drunken) munchies they are probably fine. I can’t even say I have a favorite diner around here, but Americana (Rt. 35 Shrewsbury – open 24 hrs) and Cobblestone (Rt. 35 Eatontown – not open 24 hrs) seem to be the ones in the Red Bank area that are half-decent.

  2. foodiedani said

    Thanks Marilyn. I’ve tried Americana and it’s ok. Will have to try Cobblestone. Pancake House in Middletown is pretty good, but not open 24 hours and not sure I’d classify it as a diner.

  3. I do love diner food…and I’d love to find a diner near me that would serve me both fries AND onion rings with my meal. I’m a sucker for onion rings. 🙂

    I’m sorry this wasn’t a great experience. I’m not familiar with the Red Bank area or I’d offer some suggestions…

  4. foodiedani said

    Hey Home Cook, I am a sucker for diners myself. As much as I love the fancy schmancy stuff, I totally love a good diner.

  5. leanie14 said

    the broadway diner is definitely my favorite diner to go to. the food is amazing so i dont know maybe what you had wasn’t particularly as great as the rest of the food, but i have had the burgers and they are AWESOME. the prices are cheap and the atmosphere is so delightful. i definitely recommend to anyone because it is worth going to every time!

  6. dani said

    Hi Leanie,

    I just wasn’t feeling the burger there. Someone mentioned the Marina Diner on 36 was good. I see they are remodeling. Have to check out that place too.

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