My Adventures in Cake Decorating, Part 2


Last night was the first lesson in hands-on cake decorating for my Wilton course. There were a few drop-outs from the last week so the class was a little bit smaller. For this week’s class we had to bring in an iced cake, our frosting, and some of our basic supplies, such as the Beginner’s Decorating Kit, some paper parchment bags, a lazy susan, and some other miscellaneous items.

But to fully tell the tale of this weeks adventure, I have to backtrack to the weekend. On Sunday I made my cake to bring to class. I purchased Pillsbury basic white cake mix. I ended up making two layers with the intention of bringing in one layer for this week and saving the other for next week. I followed the instructor’s details on putting parchment paper around the edges of the pan, forcing the batter to spread so it would not be higher in the middle. Since I haphazardly put the paper on the sides, it somewhat came up when I took the cakes out of the oven, but overall it was pretty even. However, I thought the cakes came out pretty thin and ended up making a layer cake.

After wrapping up the cakes and sticking them in the fridge, I needed to make the icing. Making the icing was one of the messiest things I’ve ever done in the kitchen. By the end of it, I had confectionary sugar all over the counter, myself, and the floor. I made white icing with Wilton’s butter flavoring. The taste was pretty good, but my mother used almond flavoring and her’s had a nicer flavor than mine.

On Monday night, it was time to ice the cake. I forgot two of the key points when frosting a cake. First, I forgot to blow/brush the crumbs off before icing. The result is a layer of icing with crumbs mixed in. Not a pretty site. Second, I also forgot to dip the spatula in hot water to smooth out the icing. So I had a lumpy, crumby cake.

The class was on Tuesday so I headed out with cake, icing and gear in tow. This class we learned how to make stars and lines (straight, curvy, wavy, etc.) and praticed writing. Overall, I think I did alright for my first time. My hand was majorly cramping from squeezing the icing bag. It was clear that some of the people in the class either had previous experieince or had taken the course already because they were going beyond stars, lines, and writing, which I don’t understand since this is a very basic, beginner course.

When it came time to decorate we were able to choose our own design using the techniques just praticed or use a cookie cutter to make an imprint to fill in. I chose a dragonfly and filled it in with stars. I had intended to write on the cake, not make flowers, but ran out of time. I also mixed some colors for the decorating and was hoping to have bright red and blue but forgot that the instuctor said last week the icing needs time to get to that color. So I ended up with baby shower colors. The overall design looked like a kindergartner made it, but hey, it’s my first time. Next week, a clown-themed cake…..



  1. Lady said

    My mother has the inate ability to just do good decorations. It’s creepy because I’ll like her. Shudder.

    Well, it was a good first try though. You’ll do better next time, especially with the colors!

  2. foodiedani said

    Thanks Lady! I am crossing my fingers for next week.

  3. Marilyn said

    I think it’s pretty and a good first effort. Seems like you know exactly what to do next time. I’m sure it was tasty, nonetheless. I’m not very good at baking cakes, but my cookies are really good. 🙂

  4. foodiedani said

    Thanks Marilyn! The second cake did come out slightly better…I’ll be posting soon!

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