What’s your favorite cookbook?

I haven’t bought a new cookbook in quite some time and was looking for some suggestions. What are your favorite cookbooks?

Here’s some of mine from my collection:

The Joy of Cooking – The most handy and practical cookbook I own and a great gift for any cook.

The Good Home Cookbook – One of my newer finds. Good, ol’ American food.

Betty Crocker Cookbook (One day my mother will let me have her original copy! Or I’ll just have to get on ebay.) This is the book I learned from. I was making the chocolate chip cookies when I was barely tall enough to reach the counter.

Dom Deluise’s Eat This…It’ll Make You Feel Better – Yes, laugh if you must, but I loved this cookbook when my mother got it when I was a teen. It taught me how to make the Italian dishes I didn’t know how to make. I still use his biscotti recipe.

Around the Table: Easy Menus for Cozy Entertaining – A bridal shower gift from my cousin/maid of honor. Offers some good, home cooking based on types of events. Yes, there is a recipe in there for franks and beans but there are more advanced ones as well!

Breakfast in Bed – Found this at Pier One many years ago and purchased it for my best friend Melissa. Liked it so much, purchased my own! We both continue to use it on a regular basis.

So let me know what are some of your great finds and maybe I’ll end up purchasing them! Thanks!



  1. Jason said

    If I were home I could provide a more extensive list…. but I’ll give a shot at some favs of mine.

    Anthony Bourdain – Les Halles Cookbook.
    Giada De Laurentiis – Everyday Italian
    Nibella Lawson – Feast: Food to Celebrate Life


  2. I own all of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and actually cook from them pretty frequently. I just got her newest book (all I remember is the spine is pink) for Christmas and almost every single recipe is something I want to make. The only problem is most of what I like is spring/summer fare, so I’m patiently waiting for the weather to change.

    I also own most of Rachael Ray’s books, although I have to admit that I don’t cook from them very often. Every once in awhile there’s a good recipe that I see her make on her show.

  3. foodiedani said

    Jason- Thanks for your suggestions! I love all three of those chefs but actually don’t have any of their cookbooks! I will definitely check out those titles.

    Home Cook- Another vote for Ina! I too own about three of RR’s books and I’m just like you. Don’t use them very often, but each book has a handful of very good ones I make frequently. Thanks!!

  4. brandonb said

    few must owns in my very humble opinion

    the meat book
    pork and sons

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