Beer Cheese Soup

When I first saw the recipe and article for Beer Cheese Soup in the November issue of Cooking Light I was eager to make this. I love Disney World, I love Epcot, and I LOVE the Canadian restaurant Le Cellier. They have the most incredible Cheddar Cheese Soup. I have the recipe from there but have never made it as it was very fattening and had some difficult ingredients to find. So when I saw a similiar recipe in Cooking Light I had to give it a try. What a mistake. An awful mistake. However, the fault also lies partially with me. Besides that the soup was just too watery, despite having pureed potatoes, and flavorless, I used the wrong beer. It didn’t say what kind of beer to use and since I am not a beer drinker, I used what I had in the fridge- a bottle of my husband’s Guinness. The result was a very dark colored soup (as you can see in the picture from the link it should have been very light) that was completely overpowered by the Guinness. I am not including a picture because it looked horrible but I am including a link to the recipe (if you reeaaaalllyyy want to try it) to Cooking Light. There  you’ll find the recipe, a picture, and surprise- several very bad reviews, so I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like it (but I am sure the only one who used Guinness).

Overall rating: 0 stars

Cooking Light’s Beer Cheese Soup recipe


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